Colonic – Simply cleansing your colon using purified water with a tube inserted into the rectum of excess waste & toxins.  Most people would not believe the waste, sludge-like black depris, mucous, parasites, etc. found living in their bodies.  It is despicable!!

Let’s talk about Optimal Health & Wellness!!  Let’s use our common-sense, if you would, and see if this is rational.  The body starts to give off signals, i.e. pain, bloating, swelling, headaches, etc.  Yes!!  That just may be an indication that something is wrong.  Yes!!  Now, what do we do when these signals occur?  We drop meds of all types to get relief.  Yes!!  Now, the core or root of the problem have not been addressed.  The (WHY) of the matter is still lurking!!  After 20 plus years of this type behavior with no answer for the WHY…what do you think is happening inside your body/colon?

Let me take a guess!!  There is a complete disaster going on inside, manifesting itself into, i.e. high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers of all type, arthritis and the list goes on.  What do we do about it?  We continue to take meds (adding extra toxins) with no real relief.  THIS IS CALLED INSANITY!!  DEATH BEGAN IN THE COLON!!  We are still talking common-sense now, so bear with me.  If you have been consuming all these foods that have no nutritional value for most of your life, and all that bacteria has built up over the years, and God knows what type of animal-like creatures are stirring inside…..what make you think that any Meds can get rid of this hard-like black, dirty gumpy sludge in your colon?  What makes you think that a laxative can move it?  What makes you think that any vitamin or nutrient can penetrate thru this maze of mess?  What makes you think that no matter how many marathons you run, that this madness will ever move on its own?

Removing the excess Waste & Toxins from your Colon will be a start to put you on the path of Optimal Health & Wellness.  Picture this…make an effort to remove the waste & toxins, change your dietary habits (this is important), to fresh fruit, nuts, veggies, water, etc. all the good stuff, and supply your body with the proper vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oxygenation, etc.  Does it make sense yet?  Take the junk out….replace it with good nutrition….What do you think (still applying logic) will happen to your HEALTH NOW????  (Stay with me on the logic!!)  I would be willing to guess that your cellular structure will “throw a party”, and be grateful for any sign of relief.  Better yet, I’m willing to bet that a lot of the signals that were going off, will began to subside.  Does it make sense yet? It’s not that hard, it just takes a willingness and a made-up mind to make a difference and take charge and practice prevention, as it relates to your health!!  Agree??  Yes, Agree!!

Let me point out one more area to consider when we talk about having a Colonic.  A real Colonic Therapist will perform the following:

1)  Start by giving you a nutritional warm tea, (Honey, Lemon, Golden Seal) or whatever necessary regimen needed that will start breaking up the waste.

2) Give you reflexology on your feet.  (Waste and Toxins, settles down to your feet.  This procedure will also help to break up those hard-like deposits of waste in the body)

3) Massage the body entirely.  Feet, arm, legs, thighs, chest, (whole body).  This assist in loosening the waste.

4) Now, it’s time to insert the tube into the rectum.  While lying on your left-side the therapist (Start the water running, while, yet, continuing to massage the body).  This assist the small intestine in this position.

5) Now, it’s time to lay on your back (to assist the large intestine).  Continuing the body massage, simultaneously running the water, imagine what is happening.  Therapist is keying on prime areas, (Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, continue to massage these area) and just watch the debris, sludge, waste, toxins, parasites, being removed from your body.

If you have not experienced a COLONIC, using this method, you are being CHEATED!!


I share my story…….bcuzicare!!


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  2. Does the colonic help with skin disease like eczema and dermititis

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