It’s been very hard for me these past few years.  The pain I’ve suffered from losing my best friend, confidant, and inspirational counselor, just to name a few.  I now believe that the severe lost and grief, manifested itself into my own personal health challenge.  Depression, anxiety, irritability, piercing internal pain, severe inflammation throughout my body, nausea…arthritis, liver disorder, all signals that my body was breaking down.

Through it all, I never lost my grip on life.  With strong family ties, and a spiritual belief foundation, I was convinced that “everything works together for the good of those that love God”.  With this said, I saw my destiny.  I often wondered my purpose in life, and I questioned, what difference will I be able to make?  Will I be able to make the type of difference that my best friend, inspirational counselor made?  The answers to my questions, were deposited into my spirit.  With all of my many projects I’ve encountered from Typing Resumes, Working in Corporate America, Booking Travel Vacations, Decorating, etc., however, none fulfilling.  But now, my Purpose has been defined.

I’ve lost loved ones from treatable health conditions.  People that truly love God, but did not take care of the temple He provided.  Overeating and making food choices that deemed detrimental to their overall health.  Had I known, then, what I know now, perhaps a difference could have been made. Huh?

I cannot change the past or bring my loved ones back.  I can now share with others my experience in hopes that my story will make a difference for someone else.

Make better choices as it relates to your eating habits.  Do something healthy each day that will nourish your body.  If you must have fast-foods, substitute a salad, rather that fries sometimes.  Trade your soft drink for water.  Eat an apple, rather than a candy bar.

Had I known then……..what I know now.  The simple choices in life……makes all the difference.   In memory of my best friend, my confidant, my spiritual counselor, which is my big sister.  I love you and I miss you so much.  She is Gone Too Soon, but because of the difference she made for me, in so many areas of my life, I have an understanding of why I was faced with my health challenge.    The experience humbled me even more, and as I worked on my recovery and healing process, it gave me a renewed spiritual awareness, and allowed the new growth in my life, coupled with the willingness to give so much, because so much was given to me. 

  • Leave this post with this message:
  •  Create a balance in your life. 
  •  Your whole person needs nurturing, i.e. emotional, spiritual, physical, and financially. 
  •  Prioritize in an effort to minimize stress and anxiety.
  •  Enjoy each moment, spend quality time with family, friends, and loved ones. 
  •  If not already, start taking better care of the Temple God gave to you.  Make better food choices to include, raw vegetables, and fresh fruit.
  •  Consider a good line of nutrition, consisting of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, oxygenating your cellular level. 
  •  Daily perform a cleansing regimen to rid your body of excess waste and toxins.

Once your Health & Wellness is compromised, all the material goods on this Earth that you work so hard to obtain, WILL BE OF NO VALUE!!  

I share my story……..bcuzicare!!



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