Alarm sounds off and its time for another day.  I drag myself out of bed, kicking and screaming because of the heavy workload ahead.  Got to get to the office early because the meeting starts exactly at 8:00a.m., and since I’m conducting the meeting, I can’t be late.  “Do I have all my notes”?  I guess.  I hope so.  Afterall, I stayed up all night trying to get everything done, so I hope it’s all here.  Traffic is hideous as usual.  OMG, I don’t believe this, I forgot my Laptop!!   This day is not starting out very good.  Look at this madness, people are jumping in and out of traffic, just getting on my nerve.  This is all I need, some idiot just ran into that car…I’ll never get to work on time now.  Finally….. I can see the parking lot…Oh No, am I seeing things? My VP Parking space is occupied.  Who the H- – – is in my space?  I  don’t believe this.  Just wait until I get in that office.  Security….Security, would you please have that car towed out of my space?  Man, the nerve, parking in my space.  I need a vacation!!  I don’t have time for a vacation…I’m too busy.  I got reports to complete, spreadsheets from last month’s meeting to compile, office procedure manual to have ready for HR to review….and I have not started the Directors Guild Portfolio.

Ok, I gotta get a grip.  Let me take my Blood Pressure Meds and get my nerves calmed.  Nowwwww. that’s better!!  OMG, it’s 1:00 already and I have a 2:00 appointment with the President of Marketing, and I have not had lunch yet.  I gotta grab a bite to eat before this appointment.  “Susie, will you be a dear and run downstairs and grab me lunch?  I don’t care what it is….I’m starved.  Thanks Susie.  Oh, now I feel better, but I’m having a little indigestion, let me check to see if I got my anti-acid meds with me.  I hope I didn’t run off and forget them, I don’t want this meat sitting on my stomach today, besides I’m feeling sluggish.  I gotta get some rest. I can’t get rid of this constant headache.  Let me see if I got my pain meds.

Oh, Hi, Mr. Porter…come on in and have a seat, I was just finishing lunch.  I’ll be with you in just a moment.  Susie, could you please see if Mr. Porter would like something and bring me a soft drink and stop and grab me a candy-bar out of the vending machine?   I need some energy.  Susie would you pull that Project Manager’s report from last week’s meeting.  Susie!!  Susie!!  Where is Susie?  Oh, that’s right it’s already 6:00.  Susie left at 5:30.  I guess she didn’t want to distract me.  Oh well, I’ll take care of that tomorrow.  It’s going to be late before I get home.   Gotta stop by the cleaners, go by the grocery store, drop off an overnight mail package.  Man this traffic is awful out here.  My goodness, I forgot to take my Heart Pill.  Let me stop at the Service Station and get some bottled water and take it right now.

STOP – PAY ATTENTION!!!!  This is a very typical SCENARIO of most Americans.  When the Heart just cannot take anymore, your arteries are severely clogged and your body literally starts to shut down….it will be too late!!  Day-after-day your schedule is on overload, your stress level is at an all time high.  Your body is lacking REST, PROPER FOODS or NUTRITION that is required to sustain itself.  You just didn’t have time, you didn’t take time!!






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