While visiting family this past Easter Weekend, I discovered that a family member had been suffering from a severe case of Congestive Heart Failure.  From what I was told, the doctor thought the case to be the worst he had seen.  The doctor did not expect a good survival report, based on the patient’s condition.  Using common sense, I could clearly see that the patient did not look well at all.  I immediately recommended and began administering a regimen I used that worked for me with my health challenge.  I asked that consideration be given consistently for at least 30 days.  If benefit was not derived, no love lost, at least good nutrition would not hurt.

Late April 2008, I received a telephone call, with much excitement.  I was told that after visting the doctor, the patient’s vital signs had improved remarkably, so much so, the doctor thought the patient’s chart had been switched in some way.  According to the original report just 30 days prior, there was no way this could be the same patient. 

When I saw the patient in March, Easter weekend, mobility was limited, appetite was suppressed, eyes were glassy, droopy and weak, etc.  Now the patient is running the track, fixing cars, going about day-to-day activities.  What a miraculous recovery in such a short time!!  The body was apparently lacking nutrients and the LIQUID NUTRIENTS went to work and made an awesome difference.  MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!   A little faith, that of a mustard seed, coupled with a desire to live, and a williness to exercise a change in mindset, made the difference between “Life” and “Death”.  The cellular structure being compromised, was weaken and damaged.  In order for wellness to take place, the cells had to be revitalized.  Revitalization could began with cleansing and nourishment, i.e. fresh veggies, fruit, nuts, water, vitamins, minerals, oxygenation, enzymes, moderate exercise, etc.   According to the Masses, NUTRITION FOR WELLNESS, IS JUST TOO SIMPLE!!  People want to complicate the matter, and because of our brainwashed mindset, it’s difficult to comprehend that God did not complicate things, He kept them very simple.  God designed our bodies so that if we provide them with the things that He (God) provided for nourishment, our bodies will “HEAL ITSELF”.  Man has complicated matters and destroyed the simplicities of life.

Join with me, and let’s get back to the basics, in an effort to combat health disorders that are treatable, and start securing our Health and Wellness future, and that of our children…… and perhaps, you too, can experience, what I call…….. a “REAL-TIME MIRACLE”!!

I share my story……..bcuzicare!!






  2. I read the testimony and am very excited to know that someone is experiencing a total health recover, I am also using the GHT products I am expecially fund of the SuperSea engry drink. Thanks for sharing the testimony.

  3. Very refreshing testimony, glad to hear about it , my son and husband take GHT ThreeLac for there allergies I am proud to say that they have not had an attack since they’ve been on the product. Thanks

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