More and more we hear in the news about America’s Health Care Crisis.    According to information found in health news letters, magazines and other publications, some 47 million U.S. Residents have no health insurance, and the numbers are growing at a staggering rate.  Employers are slashing health care coverage and shifting the cost to workers, requiring larger co-pays, and deductibles that must be paid at the time treatment is provided.  In addition to the rise in cost of consumable items across the board, how do we combat this epidemic that is plaguing our economic well-being?   I ask…What price would you pay for good health?

Our Health Care system lacks safety controls that endanger hospital workers and patients.  Staffing is extremely low in nursing homes and other health care facilities.  This crisis causes medical errors and account for an increasing number of unnecessary deaths each year.  Again, I say What price would you pay for good health?

There is an increase of prescription drugs being used by younger patients for more conditions.  Why would an 8 year old child suffer from chronic disorders, such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure?  Why would a 20 year old drop dead from a heart attack?  I speak boldly to you…What price would you pay for good health?

Americans must become educated about overall health and wellness.  We must teach and practice PREVENTION.   As it relates to treatable health challenges, a lifestyle and mindset change must be implemented as a step toward wellness and prevention.  This change must include dietary habits and increase the intake of fresh and raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, and grain.  Also, a daily cleansing regimen must be put into place to free our bodies of excessive waste and toxins, and couple that with exercise and basic foundational nutrition, that acts as a catalyst to build and nourish our cellular level.  

When these basic principles manifest themselves into the lives of Americans, we will find that our quality of life increases, along with our lifespan.  Health care as we know it will change, and Doctors of the future will prevent diseases, rather than treat diseases, making the Price we would pay for good health….ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!




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