Anti-Aging – BENEFITS!!

Aging is a process far more evident than in the physical changes that occur in our body’s appearance— graying hair, wrinkles, and reduced endurance. Our bodies go through physiological changes as part of a natural process.  These functional changes bring about a decline in our ability to fight disease and infection, affect our central nervous system, and alter our cellular structures.

Though aging may be an irreversible process due to changes in our cells, muscles, and immune system, it may be slowed down with a variety of nutritional and nutraceutical supplements. Retardation of physiological aging may be supported in the areas of digestion, immune function, and appearance.


Minimizing everyday disruptions to our body by taking essential vitamins, nutrients, and an array of enzyme and proteins supports a lifestyle and environment based on prevention, rather than costly cures. Further, a well maintained digestive system is critical for absorption of nutrients into the cells.

Immune Defense

Boosting the immune defense against Toxins, Viruses, and Bacteria, and providing aids in cellular and tissue growth is a secondary area of anti-aging. These come in the form of antibodies and antioxidants. Antibodies bind and recruit other cells and molecules to destroy invasive substances and help to prevent viruses from entering cells. Antioxidants ward off free radicals which are produced in the cells as a by-product of making cellular energy. The free radicals disrupt or damage cells and DNA, which can become excessive, and accumulate with age.


Other nutrients can provide benefits to the body’s appearance by maintaining healthy tissue, especially the hair, skin, and nails, as well as internally, such as the intestines, connective tissue, and bones. Healthy tissue not only looks better, but performs better and may reduce proneness to common injuries.


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Excerpts from GHT Article on Anti-Aging


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